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Andy Cohen shares the personal meaning behind his daughter Lucy’s name

Andy Cohen expands his family by welcoming his daughter Lucy in the world a week and a half ago.

In his latest social media postsit’s clear the proud pop couldn’t be more grateful to have the new arrival in his life.

He’s also grateful to have someone else in his life – the woman who gave birth to Lucy.

During Monday night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen opened up about his appreciation for his surrogate, and he also shared the sweet story behind Lucy’s name.

“I didn’t do this on my own,” the 53-year-old explained during his first broadcast since giving birth to Lucy on April 29. “I have to thank my amazing surrogate once again. What a partner and friend she has been to me.

He added: “I am so grateful and grateful to her that she was able to give birth and carry Lucy in New York State, where surrogacy is now legal with a law giving surrogates all the rights and protections ‘they deserve so much.’

Cohen also noted that his surrogate attended a taping of “Watch What Happens Live” just two days before giving birth to Lucy, and he briefly thought, “We’re having a real clubhouse baby, right here.”

Alas, Lucy had to wait until Monday’s episode to make her television debut, which she did in her father’s arms.

(To verify Instagram video above to see this sweet moment.)

Just before this on-screen introduction, Cohen told his audience how his daughter got her nickname.

“As for his name, Louis is a big name in my family – two great-grandfathers and my father, all named Louis,” said the man who was born in St. Louis, Missouri. “So that’s where I got Lucy. I’ve always liked the name Lucy, by the way.

Her middle name, Eve, also has family significance: Cohen’s mother’s name is Evelyn.

Last names are a family tradition for Cohen.

When her son Benjamin, now 3, joined the family in 2019, also by substitutionCohen explained, “He’s named after my grandfather Ben Allen.”