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Brendan McLoughlin’s favorite song by Miranda Lambert has personal meaning for the singer

Country singer Miranda Lambert has been married to husband Brendan McLoughlin since 2019. The two got married after only knowing each other for a few months. In an interview with Vulture, it was revealed that Lambert’s favorite McLoughlin song is also one of the singer’s favorites.

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Miranda Lambert loves her song “Dead Flowers”

Currently, Lambert is organizing a residency in Las Vegas called Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency. To discuss his discography and residency, Lambert was interviewed by Vulture.

In the interview, the country artist shared that there are several songs from her discography that she wants to put on a hypothetical album called Those who ran away.

“I always say that I’m going to release a record one day called Those who ran away because there are some that have broken my heart,” Lambert said.

For this album, Lambert wants to include songs that she feels deserved better promotion.

“’Fleurs mortes’ is an example of this. It was a single, and I wrote it myself. I made a video. The label pulled him from radio in the 1940s, because they were afraid he wouldn’t make it,” Lambert told Vulture.

She continued, “My band, every tour they’re like, ‘Can we do ‘Dead Flowers’? I guess I have a bit of a grudge against that, ’cause I’m like, D*** that. It drives me crazy that he was unlucky, but I’m still proud of it because I love it.

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Brendan McLoughlin also likes the song “Dead Flowers”

While speaking with Vulture, Lambert was asked what was McLoughlin’s favorite song in his discography. Lambert then took the time at that point to ask McLoughlin.

“I don’t know. I’m going to walk over here and ask him right now, because I want to know now,” Lambert told Vulture.

While still on the phone with Vulture, Lambert asked McLoughlin, “What’s my favorite song?”

McLoughlin replied, “Probably the one you showed me that was a deep cut of yours. “Dead flowers”.

“Well, look there. We have another ‘Dead Flowers’ fan. We just talked about ‘Dead Flowers.’ That’s why it’s funny you say that. Lambert told McLoughlin.

After removing the speaker from the phone, Lambert told Vulture: “He always says, ‘I like the ones you write on your own. I’m like, ‘Of course you do, because it’s hard for me.’ »

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Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin married in 2019

Lambert met McLoughlin in 2018 when she starred on hello america with the Pistol Annies. When they met, McLoughlin was working as a security guard at the salon because he was an officer with the New York Police Department.

The two tied the knot in 2019 and have mostly split their time between Lambert’s farm in Nashville and New York, where McLoughlin has a child from a previous relationship.

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