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Kylie Jenner Unveils Personal Meaning Hidden Behind Personalized Diamond Ring


Kylie Jenner just explained the meaning of another engagement-style non-engagement ring on her Snapchat. This time it’s two people: Jacques Webster, the real name of Jenner’s rapper boyfriend and baby daddy, Travis Scott, and Jordyn Woods, her best friend. “Jacques Webster & Jordyn Wood“she wrote on her Snapchat.” Real ones, okay .. “


Jenner shared a photo of her personalized gold and diamond JW bracelet, which comes from XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. E! reports that tape prices range from $ 400 to $ 450.

Jenner has already made headlines twice for the engagement rings she’s worn. The first was in her pregnancy announcement video. The second was in the photos of herself and her baby girl Stormi which she shared on March 1, when Stormi was a month old.

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As committed as Jenner is to Woods (they falsely married on her reality show, Kylie’s life) and Scott (she just flew over 9 hours round trip to meet him in Miami and get home), she remains focused on her baby first and foremost. There are no plans to marry Scott at this time, although their relationship has grown stronger, a source said. E!, with the arrival of Stormi.

“Although they are new parents, Kylie and Travis are also still in a new relationship,” a source said. People on Valentine’s Day. “Kylie is happy with their living situation [Jenner and Scott live apart]. Travis is a good father. When he wants to work, Kylie supports him.

“For being so young, she’s very relaxed about her relationship with Travis,” the source continued. “She’s not making big plans for the future.”

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