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Rainbow Radiothon takes on personal meaning for Solon’s mother | Local News

As the season of giving heats up, the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Foundation hosted its 18th annual Rainbow Radiothon on December 4th. The event, which aimed to raise funds for patients and families at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, included stories from past and current patients about their experiences with the hospital.

For mothers like Jori Mintz of Solon, this event takes on a more personal tone.

“So the whole point of families in sharing their stories is obviously to raise dollars for the children’s hospital,” said Mintz, 37. “And I think I’m doing it to share the things above and beyond that happened while we were in the hospital to show just how special a place it is.

When Mintz gave birth to her eldest daughter, Rosabelle, in 2014, they both experienced serious complications. Mintz suffered from postpartum hemorrhage which required blood transfusions and surgery, while her daughter suffered from sepsis caused by infection.

During the first four days of her daughter’s life, they were separated from each other while nurses took care of their conditions. During this uncertain time, Mintz said the staff at the UH made them as comfortable as possible.

“While their job was to take care of my daughter, they also took great care of me and my whole family,” said Mintz, who participated in the March for Moms in Washington, DC, in 2018 as as an advocate for maternal health. “And it was more like they were part of our family rather than people who were there to deal with an illness.”

One of the ways the staff made Mintz and her family feel as comfortable as possible was to take Jori and her daughter on a sort of ‘field trip’ so that they could. see each other for a few minutes. A nurse who was taking care of Mintz’s daughter was given permission to bring her to Mintz’s room on her side of the hospital so the two of them could spend some time together.

“I could tell you stories for days about the incredible, passionate and over-generous care my daughter and I received during our stay,” said Mintz, director of foundation relations for UH and a member of The Temple-Tifereth. . Israel in Beachwood. “There were probably about 20 people who took care of me that I could name who went out of their way to not only treat me like a patient or a number, but really made me feel okay.”

After eight days, Mintz and her daughter were finally released from the hospital. Since then, Mintz has told her story several times for the Rainbow Radiothon in the hope that she can raise awareness of the quality of care at UH and help raise funds for the UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

The Rainbow Foundation has donated over $ 128 million to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital since 1999, and the Rainbow Radiothon 2020 has raised over $ 201,475 so far.

Alex Krutchik is a reporter for the Cleveland Jewish News.

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