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You might like to consolidate debt. This roof isn’t going to make its own money and fix itself – and come to think of it, neither is your car.

For these and other reasons too many to mention, yet very familiar to all, personal loans are a vitally important tool for accessing cash when you need to get things done.

PYMNTS Personal Loan App Provider Rankings do our part by showing the most popular apps ranked and rated based on their downloads and vital user metrics.

In other words, it’s not so much a popularity contest as it is a financial melee.

And these rankings, at least, are free to everyone. This one is also quite brief, so read it quickly.

The first five

Big change to No. 1, since the SoFi application dethrones the long-time king of this ranking.

Now at # 2 for the first time in a long time we have the MoneyLion app. Roar.

Settle in for the usual hit parade from here on out, as we haven’t had any other changes – which is not uncommon, and especially not on a short list of highly specialized apps like this.

The upgrade app happily sits at # 3, just like before.

The same goes for the Avant application, unchanged in n ° 4.

The LendingTree app at # 5 takes us out of the top five at what has become its usual position (for now), completing another cycle in the life of personal loan apps leading the pack.

The Top 10

That’s not to say that there aren’t any leaders outside of the top five. Do not be dumb. First of all, there are only two in this particular ranking, and second, they are both hot companies.

At # 6 and looking at that # 5 avidly month after month, it’s the PaySense app, which shows remarkable endurance as it always makes the difference.

This is also true for the FlexWage app, which fits well at # 7 and completes this shortest ranking of any PYMNTS provider.

Personal loan applications. Now you know who to talk to about this roof. And this car. And just stuff.



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